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Teacher in Hong Kong threatens to suicide Empty Teacher in Hong Kong threatens to suicide

on Tue May 07, 2019 9:44 pm
Recently, a Chinese teacher at Pok Fu Lam school attempted suicide, she was later rescued by the police and firefighters.

According to the victim's cousin, the victim suffers from mental illness she was unable to deal with the stress of her job. The teacher was denied for sick leave despite her illness, the school had high expectations on its teaching team, she was also forced to take additional classes.

This incident reflects Hong Kong's education, as there was a similar incident a few months ago for another teach, the teacher was treated poorly by the principal. In Hong Kong, the parents have high demands on teachers, they want the teachers to meet their children's needs and desires in every academic aspect. Moreover, the teaching staff of some schools are treated poorly by the principals and students, since some people may not care or respect the rights of teachers.

In addition, Hong Kong is known for its exceptionally stressful examinations, teachers have to put extra effort in preparing resources and planning lessons to ensure the teachers are able to score satisfactory marks in the exam.

To conclude, Hong Kong's education should consider reforming its policies for teachers, in order to give teachers more rights and prevent future suicidal attempts.
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